Unconstant Conjunction A personal blog

About Me

I’m a Data Scientist at Crescendo Technology, which is the RnD arm of an online sportsbook. Prior to that I worked for several years in Canadian public policy. This is my personal blog, and the views expressed here are my own.

I use this space primarily to write about my various side projects and any other bits and pieces that strike me as potentially useful to others. Topics vary, but my current interests are in working with R and Emacs. In the past I’ve also written about procedural content generation in Python and Rust.

The Archives page reflects the evolution of my interests over the years.

The name of the site is a play on David Hume’s theory of how humans form notions of causality, and originally referred to the eccentric collection of topics that programming blogs such as this tend to accumulate over time. More recently, it’s come to reflect my interest in statistics and working with data — a delightful coincidence.