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An Update to the Choropleth Post

A few years ago I published a post outlining how to make nice-looking choropleth maps in R, and this piece still draws a reasonable share of my hits each month. Unfortunately, some of the techniques I used at the time are now quite out of date, and I was starting to feel bad for anyone taking my advice.

As of today the post has received a makeover, and takes a more modern approach. For any returning readers, the changes are explained in a series of HTML <ins> tags — which I have only recently discovered.

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Moving to Pelican

I recently moved the site over to Pelican. Although I liked Octopress, it wasn’t working exactly like I wanted it to, and I’m not comfortable enough working with Ruby to modify it. Since Python has become my go-to language for most things these days, it made sense to move to what seems to be the most popular static site generator written in that language. For posteriority’s sake, the following is a guide based on the steps I took to get it working. I’ve also included most of my configuration files and a short program for creating new posts.

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