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Browsing Twitch.tv From Emacs

A video of my presentation from EmacsConf 2019 is now available. You can check out the recording below or see the slides here.

Browser-based applications can sometimes punish even new machines. In 2015, due to limited hardware, I was no longer able to use the popular video streaming site Twitch.tv to follow eSports. I investigated some alternatives at the time, but they lacked discovery and curation features, and so I decided to write a full-fledged Twitch client in my favourite text editor, Emacs. Years later, I still use this little bit of Emacs Lisp almost every day.

The talk discusses how I was able to use the richness of the built-in Emacs features and some community packages to build this client, as well as the various bumps along the way.

The code is available on GitHub.

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